British writer John Burdett’s Sonchai Jitpleecheep series compels Western readers to look beyond Thailand’s beaches and the fetishisation of its sex industry.

Two police officers watch a Mercedes they’ve been surveilling halt by the side of the road. They walk up to it and notice that the doors have been jammed so that those inside cannot escape. When they look inside, they see “an enormous python” wrapped around the neck of an…

Peter Haber stars as Martin Beck in the Swedish TV show based on the books | Nordic Noir and Beyond

In his 1950 essay, “The Simple Act of Murder”, Raymond Chandler wrote, “The realist in murder writes of a world in which gangsters can rule nations and almost rule cities…where the mayor of your town may have condoned murder as an instrument of money-making.” The popular cosy English country mysteries…

One of my bookshelves at home. Forgive the mess and the lack of organization.

I tried to maintain a books read list for the year, but failed miserably. But it was a pretty good year, filled with some excellent writing. Here’s a thread on some of them:

1/n: Walter Isaacson’s Leonardo was among the best biographies this year. A fascinating study of the renaissance…

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